How to Get Technical Support

Technical support is available for free.
If you didn't find an answer to your question in the video tutorial, you can send an e-mail anytime to support (at)

We will reply as quickly as possible to all questions in the order they are received. Usually, a question will take one business day to answer (excluding for Sundays and holidays).

Note: Please make sure that your message contains a valid reply-to address and that our reply won't be blocked by your "anti-spamming" tools.

When you e-mail us, please mention the product name in the subject. The increasing amount of SPAM coming to our e-mail addresses often makes it hard to distinguish between real and junk mail. In this case, our spam filters sometimes mark "real" messages as junk. Therefore, we recommend that you do not leave the Subject field blank and avoid using subjects like Hi, Hello, Question, etc. Also, avoid sending us message attachments (including screenshots), unless previous arrangements have been made. If you do send screenshots, use an archiver program like WinZip to compress them.

If you don't receive a confirmation of your e-mail's reception or don't get an answer to your e-mail in a reasonable amount of time, first check that you used a valid reply-to address (look in your Sent folder). Also, see if our reply was filtered out by your e-mail server or other "anti-spam" tools (look in your Junk folder or similar).

Problem Submission

If you encounter problems while working with DXPocket, please describe what has led to your problem and send the description to support (at) Please also supply the following information in the message:

•  The version of the Android OS installed on your phone.
•  The name and the version of our product (see the "About" dialog).
•  A detailed description of the problem.
•  A model and description of your phone (manufacturer, amount of memory, CPU type, speed, etc.).

Please visit the Google Play Market page and install updates as they are released. Any bug you have encountered is probably already fixed in the new version.


We greatly appreciate your telling us what do you think about DXPocket application.

Please send any comments, suggestions, and questions about DXPocket to support (at) Many specific features of DXPocket were created based on comments from our users. If you have an exciting idea for a new feature of DXPocket, please send us your comments and suggestions.

We are grateful for all your inputs; however, please make sure you are using the latest versions of DXPocket. It is quite possible your suggestions already implemented in newer versions.

If you didn't like DXPocket and you have uninstalled it, we would also like to know why. Please take a minute of your time to give us your evaluation.